DHLG Project Charter

The Digital Humanities Library Group (DHLG) Project Charter

[Link to project charter]


Project Name

Mining the Brothers Grimm: Curating a digital subcollection ( of the University of Florida’s Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature.

Project Scope

The project team will create an online exhibit and engage in digital curation activities to enhance the scholarly context of, and add value to, the digitized Brothers Grimm subcollection. We will employ digital curation skills acquired during the year-long “Developing Librarian” Digital Humanities Pilot Training mini-grant. The grant supports training to enhance library collaboration on digital scholarship. Successful completion of the Mining the Brothers Grimm project will be evidence of our learning process.


  • Create an online exhibit of the Brothers Grimm subcollection with Digital Humanities components including small-scale data visualization.
  • Use Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) code to enhance selected texts and encourage scholarly engagement.
  • Create and maintain a blog to document the group’s progress during the “Developing Librarian” project.


  • Develop professional skills in the Digital Humanities within the George A. Smathers Libraries
  • Apply digital curation techniques to the Grimm subcollection
  • Build technical, design, and organizational skills in support of the new Scott Nygren Scholars Studio
  • Communicate progress and results of the “Developing Librarian” project (e.g., blog, mini-grant reports, FACRL, etc.)
  • Use this project as a case study for future collaborative projects involving the DHLG


Students, faculty, librarians, curators, archivists, and the general public.

Team Member Roles and Responsibilities

All team members will be trained in all project aspects. As the project evolves, team members will identify their specializations and interests. During this project, team members may emerge as leaders in specific areas, which may include:

  • TEI of Grimm texts
  • Online exhibit (with small-scale data visualization)
  • Digital Humanities Library Group blog

Timing and Constraints

  • The project will be substantially completed by June 2015.
  • Each team member has given 6% FTE for both training and project completion.
  • The project will be developed to best ensure sustainability to the extent possible through the archiving of project materials in the UF Digital Collections powered by SobekCM. Project materials as applicable will be archived.
  • The project may include various technologies. For instance, the exhibit may be developed in Omeka hosted by UF Research Computing or other technologies.


  • Project members will make every effort to keep in regular contact by email or other means.
  • The team will hold regular meetings/trainings where collaboration can take place.
  • Project members will make every effort to attend meetings as arranged. If unable to attend, they will communicate this to team members as soon as possible.


  • Project members will jointly establish and attempt to meet self-imposed deadlines, in part through providing the project with lists of commitments.
  • Reminders will be sent out as a matter of routine.


  • When referring to the project, team members should always credit the team. We encourage everyone to share with the team when they make public mentions of the project.
  • When the project is completed, the team will work together to promote the process and project.

Rights, Permissions, and Attribution

All of the Grimm materials produced for this project are covered by a Creative Commons Attribution license. As with all academic work, the project team expects appropriate scholarly attribution when project materials are reused. Thus, the project team has selected a Creative Commons Attribution license for all project materials.

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